Creative workshops

Helping to inspire marketing departments

Creativity should be at the very heart of marketing. However, intense workloads mean that much of marketing becomes process-driven with the amount of administration, meetings, emails and general clutter getting in the way of actually communicating with an audience.

Our Creative Workshops allow a little time out to explore all the interesting stuff that is happening out there, flex creative muscles, inspire, motivate and re-ignite the passion. They're fun, lively and entertaining and we've run these successfully for large marketing departments for the likes of AXA and DHL.

Hopefully, this will translate into a re-energised department that wants to compete with the best and not produce template-like solutions.

Creative Brainstorms

We also run and facilitate creative brainstorms which help to generate ideas and thinking around particular projects or create and explore various propositions and ways of communicating them. 'We always do it this way'…is not what we want to hear.