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Discover how we scored a 37% response rate in the World Cup. How President Obama helped us announce a client's change of name and re-brand. How we encouraged people to climb mountains for charity. How we took the London property market down... to basement level. How we used Viagra to promote fund managers. How cornflakes helped our client’s sales figures rise and shine. How we helped a global mail carrier post some spectacular results...

  • ADS
  • AXA Winterthur
  • Ambition
  • Anthony Nolan
  • Basement Force
  • Cave Veterinary Specialists
  • DHL
  • Diabetes UK
  • DLT Magazines
  • DX
  • Heat Beads
  • Ronson Gears
  • Visit Peak District & Derbyshire
  • wnDirect
  • Wincanton


ADS is the premier trade organisation that represents the interests of Member companies involved in the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries. It is the parent company of Farnborough International Ltd, responsible for the internationally recognised Farnborough Airshow.

AXA Winterthur

AXA Winterthur

Winterthur Life is a pensions and investment company, now part of the AXA group, which specialises in high net worth clients.



Ambition (formerly known as Witan Jardine in London) is a worldwide recruitment group with a focus on finance and marketing.

Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan

A leukaemia charity aiming to match patients in need of a life saving bone marrow transplant to donors with compatible cell tissue. They also conduct ground-breaking medical research to help save lives in the future.

Basement Force

Basement Force

One of London and the Home Counties premier basement installation companies offering a concept to completion bespoke service.

Cave Veterinary Specialists

Cave Veterinary Specialists

One of the leading referring animal hospitals in the South West, Cave Veterinary Specialists opened almost a year ago and provides expert animal care with highly trained specialists, a skilled nursing team and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.



DHL Global Mail is part of Deutsche Post, a market leader in distribution and logistics. With direct connections to over 200 countries, it provides customers access to the most extensive postal system in the world.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is a charity that aims to improve
the lives of the 2.8 million people in the UK with this condition.

DLT Media

DLT Media

DLT Media provides leading magazine titles to businesses at much reduced prices, as well as 'Inform', a Digital Media and messaging solution to enhance reception areas.

DLT Media


DX is the UK and Ireland's leading independent mail and courier company for businesses, offering DX Exchange, Secure Mail and courier services.

Heat Beads

Heat Beads

Heat Beads are BBQ briquettes for a slow-cooked, authentic, chargrilled taste, promoted and distributed in Australia.

Ronson Gears

Ronson Gears

Ronson Gears manufacture one of the largest range of gearing solutions for use in numerous industries.

Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

Visit Peak District and Derbyshire – encourages visitor numbers to the region through a wide range of marketing activities.



wnDirect are a rapidly expanding logistics company specialising in international eCommerce shipments.



Wincanton plc is a UK leader in supply chain solutions with formidable expertise across many sectors including retail, consumer goods, construction, defence, energy, public sector, events, milk and bulk food. Employing 16,000 people across the UK and Ireland with a turnover in excess of £1 billion, Wincanton is a specialist in unlocking potential within its customers supply chains.

Examples of our work for ADS:
Direct Mail Brochures Digital

  • International Events Mailer - to put forthcoming events on the ‘radar’ of organisations likely to be interested and position ADS as being able to maximise their gain from attending.

  • Farnborough International Airshow Mailer/Brochure - what better way to brand the ADS association with the Farnborough Airshow than an aerial shot of the logo emblazoned on the key arena?

  • Conference Programme - Creation dramatically communicated the level and authority of the agenda at the conference.

  • The structure of the brochure was broken down by sector so that each industry could clearly see there was something for them.

  • Email Campaign - To alert key prospects to the different events organised by ADS that were taking place at the Farnborough Air Show. The emails could be easily re-structured to focus content on events more likely to appeal to the recipients.

Examples of our work for AXA Winterthur:
Product ID & Launch Corporate Branding Direct Mail

  • The One from Winterthur' - We had to launch a pension capable of being tailored to a clients’ specific needs, irrespective of their life stage. The brief included developing a name, designing the look and corporate ID, as well as creating the advertising, direct mail and online support.

  • 'Word is getting around' - to address that AXA Winterthur were not always front of mind for IFAs we positioned them as the ‘trade secret’. The campaign created huge impact with and upswing in leads and requests for more information.

  • IFA Direct Mailers - to mail IFAs with tactical pieces that highlighted a particular strength of Winterthur. Sent quarterly, they not only promoted the particular product or service, but built Winterthur’s reputation for delivering a superb investment range.

Examples of our work for Ambition:

  • B2B Mailer – Raising awareness of City recruitment agency Witan Jardine re-brand...

  • ...by using Barack Obama to personify where a little ‘Ambition’ can get you.

  • Our mailer even made the City pages of the London Evening Standard... one happy client!

  • Creation also ran with a highly targeted outdoor campaign in the City.

Examples of our work for Anthony Nolan:
Member's Mailing Digital Banners Press Advertising Xmas Mailer

  • We got approval to run with a very brave message – ‘With your help, we can double the number of lives saved’. The ambitious statement was backed by the notion that having 1 million people on the register could do just that.

  • A major part of Anthony Nolan’s fundraising activity involves getting people to do extreme challenges for the charity. Getting people to climb mountains is all part of the job for Creation and the events were over-subscribed.

  • Punchy and provocative advertising in men’s magazines to encourage men to either donate money or bone marrow and save lives (men are key as they can donate more bone marrow).

  • Christmas Raffle Appeal - our more radical approach, linking the raffle very clearly to saving lives soared past the £150,000 target to reach £170,000.

Examples of our work for Basement Force:
Corporate ID Press Advertising Website
To see the site, go to www.basementforce.co.uk

Examples of our work for Cave Veterinary Specialists:
To see the site, go to www.cave-vet-specialists.co.uk

Examples of our work for DHL:
Direct Mail Advertising Online Exhibitions

  • World Cup Mailer - To coincide with the world cup this mailer scored a 37% response rate for appointments – pity the England team didn’t perform as well.

  • Reuters Box Mailers - the creative was a key 'door-opener' and instrumental in paving the way to many major contracts. The book 'OUR WORLD NOW' is a fascinating and absorbing visual account of the diversity of the world in one year - a fitting representation of DHL Global Mail.

  • iPod Mailer – A real cut-through mailer. DHL wanted senior prospects at publishers to listen to their proposition on international deliveries. What better way than by sending them the latest iPod shuffle, recording a massive 42% response.

  • FROM MOUSE TO HOUSE - Mailing costs are a crucial factor to e-retailers who mail low-cost items. DHL therefore wanted to promote their B2C service enabling lower cost items to be sent at affordable rates.

  • iPhone Mailer - intended for the sales force to use and ‘talk’ through and leave behind. The 'applications' on our iphone were the DHL services. There was an opportunity to win an iphone by answering key questions about Global Mail services and submitting them online or at exhibitions.

  • Press ads- running in vertical titles and highlighting DHL Global Mail’s strengths right across the spectrum of the publishing sector, delivering a wide variety of titles.

  • Microsite - A microsite that developed into an all-singing all-dancing website, including embedded video, blogs, rolling news, bespoke competitions and quizzes to develop interest and an interactive problem page. We designed and built everything right down to each individual icon for the eight sections that made up the site.

  • Exhibition stands - We created this attention-grabbing presence at the eCommerce Expo, which had continuity with the email and mailing campaign we developed for e-retailers.

Examples of our work for Diabetes UK:
Prize Draw Mailpacks Weekly Lottery Mailpacks

  • One of the main fundraising activities by Diabetes UK is their Summer and Winter Prize Draws. Under the economic backdrop of ‘Austerity UK’ and falling charity revenues, we managed to hold steady and increase the income from these key raffles and lotteries.

  • Quarterly fundraising mailers themed to the seasons or events such as the Royal Wedding or Wimbledon.

Examples of our work for DLT Media:

  • ‘Give your clients a better reception’ written in magazines, encapsulated the magazine service that DLT Media offered and easily translated through to other media. This new creative was also adopted by other offices throughout the world as they recognised how it raised the standard of presentation and message.

Examples of our work for DX:
Direct Mail - Retailers Direct Mail - Pharmacists

  • Retail 500 DM - Mailing the top 500 retailers to promote the DX inter-branch delivery service featuring pre-9.00 a.m.early delivery. The most successful mailer DX had ever run with several contracts worth hundreds of thousands converted as a result.

  • Pharmacy Sector DM - A campaign to communicate DX’s expertise in delivering between wholesalers and pharmacy branches. We also featured a Delivery Stress Test Kit on the exhibition stand that tested stress levels for real. DX could then talk to delegates about bringing their stress levels and deliveries under control.

Examples of our work for Heat Beads:

Click to hear our radio ads: Ad 1, Ad 2, Ad 3, Ad 4

Another campaign we worked on with Australian counterparts Octo. We had to produce a radio campaign to extol the virtues of cooking slower and better with Heat Beads BBQ briquettes. Humorous commercials appealing to Australian male pride to do a proper job was enough to raise sales dramatically.

Examples of our work for Ronson Gears:

  • Working with Octo, our Australian counterparts in Melbourne, we devised a campaign to announce the arrival of the new Ronson Gears catalogue. A great white shark always seems to focus the attention, making it the most in-demand catalogue they had ever printed.

Examples of our work for Visit Peak District & Derbyshire:
Poster Campaign AA Affinity Partnership

  • A poster campaign which ran at major London train termini and tube stations backed by a field marketing campaign on the stations. The posters feature beauty shots of Derbyshire and the facts that it was all less than two hours away and less than half price. Many more Londoners sampled the delights of Derbyshire and the Peak District as a result.

In conjunction with our affiliate agency Mississippi, we negotiated a complete coup for VPD by striking an affinity partnership with the AA. Not only did this give VPD a channel of communication directly to 7 million AA members, but tens of millions more via associated European motoring organisations. This kind of reach would have been impossible for VPD to achieve in any other way.

Examples of our work for wnDirect

  • Sales Presenter – A large WOW-factor presentation box with bold and simple messages that allow the sales force to present the key wnDirect credentials with impact.

  • US advertising – Encouraging US e-commerce to be less insular and think about shipping to Europe. Playing on the number of US place names that have origins elsewhere – we used it to say that it was just as easy to ship to one as the other.

  • Shanghai Advertising – To encourage e-tailers that tapping into the vast potential of China is easy via T:mall – the leading online retail portal where China does its shopping. What’s more, wnDirect have set up the ideal solution to make it easy.

  • WnOptimise – An ad. to accompany the presentation of wnOptimise. A collaboration between wnDirect’s logistics expertise and the VirtualStock software solution. This provides total visibility of the supply chain to minimise stock pinging from one location to another.

  • Russian LaunchPad mailer – To encourage key retail decision-makers to attend a wnDirect presentation on exporting to Russia. We rallied them with the call to action ‘Give Russia a shot’ with accompanying shot of vodka to help them on their way.

  • Russian Doll Mailer – When Russia, with little warning, imposed further levels of red- tape requiring the recipients ID when exporting to the country. wnDirect already had the system in place, so, unlike other shippers, it was ‘business as usual’. Creation used a Russian doll to highlight the best way of getting on the inside in Russia.

  • Chocavision mailer – To give potential clients a (byte)-sized view in the form of a chunk of chocolate with a QR code that would take recipients onto a video link to learn more about wnDirect.

  • E-Delivery Conference – Augmented Reality – Our Augmented Reality solution to promote trade with China to retailers through wnDirect. It became a real attraction and helped deliver the message in a trackable and impactful way. This was also complemented by retailer engagement incentives to visit the stand and see for themselves.

  • Delegate bag Insert

  • DPS – double page spread in E-delivery magazine

  • EDX Conference – NEC – How to get across the message that wnDirect offer a truly worldwide ‘Pick up Drop off’ solution to retailers. .

  • Supported by a three-page gatefold press ad in key industry media...

  • HOME DELIVERY WORLD – High impact stands reflecting the US advertising campaign and emphasising the simplicity of US retailers delivering anywhere in Europe.

  • IRCE Exhibition stand and Passport - Chicago – The IRCE Exhibition in Chicago is a must-attend event for e-retailers. wnDirect wanted an impactful presence to alert an American audience to the vast export potential of Europe. The stand was a map of Europe with ‘Welcome’ in many languages….and the population of Europe – which is far greater than the US. The brochure handed out was in the form of a passport.

  • Delegate Bag Insert – Your Passport to Europe.

  • wnControlTower – arriving at a terminal near you. The video brings to life how this innovative and unique system provides retailers with complete parcel visibility, giving a 360 degree view of the delivery network around the world.

  • WnOptimise video – Create a video to accompany the roll-out launch presentation of wnOptimise – a joint venture between wnDirect and VirtualStock. The video dramatises how this software combined with wnDirect logistics can transform retail business by making shipments far more efficient and economic – with a ping pong theme...

  • Volume v Weight – Unlike many other logistics organisations, wnDirect ship by mass rather than weight making it more economic for customers like clothing retailers, who have large but light shipments. A benefit highlighted in this video...

  • wnCollect video – seeing the advantages of collection. – ‘wnCollect’ was a new service that meant customers no longer had to sit in and waste their day waiting for a delivery. Creation produced this video to dramatise the advantages of the new collect service.

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